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An arachniphobes nightmare

It rained last night and there was a heavy dew this morning in the woods, as I turned a corner the cobwebs on the plants were lit up in sunlight coming through the trees and sparkled with dew.  I realised with quite a shock just how many spiders and cobwebs there are in the woods.  There was nothing on the actual path but either side on every bush, shrub, branch or clump of grass were cobwebs.  Normally you wouldn’t see these unless there had been a haw frost and that happens maybe every 2-3 years so this was quite amazing, if a little scary.

Walking down the path between hundreds of cobwebs, and yes, it was literally hundreds, was like walking through an enchanted forest where you know you have to keep to the path as the path is magical and keeps you safe.  This morning would have been a nightmare with anyone with arachniphobia, I saw no spiders just realised that we are frighteningly not alone on this planet even if we cannot see the life around us and the insect world, it’s there, very, very close and there is a lot of it.