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A normal Saturday at The Glocks’ (?)

Saturday morning cooking club started off the day with 4 children on trial for the final 4 places – can’t believe we’re just about full, again.  An easy recipe this week to get back into the swing of of things, Sticky Toffee Cupcakes with butterscotch buttercream, my adaptation of sticky toffee pudding in a cupcake form.

Once the children had left, the kitchen was clean, normal service resumed….well, judge for yourself if you think is normal in a normal household on a Saturday.

My 17 year old has a craving for ‘bellinis’, first query was did she mean ‘bellinis’ ie a champagne cocktail or ‘blinis’ a Russian version of a small pancake or drop scone.  Turns out she meant the latter.  She then went on to raid the fridge for tasty things to go into said blinis, this is the conversation…

“We have 3 jars of umami paste in the fridge but no tapenade! What’s wrong with house?”

(meaning having 3 jars of umami paste in the fridge is entirely normal for all fridges everywhere but having no tapenade is an offense against society and it’s outrageous that we don’t have an tapenade in the fridge and she’ll have to make do with pesto)

“Omg did I really say that?”, Ellie 2 mins ago, now raiding stuff to make blinis for lunch. Just pointed out that there are not 3 jars of umami paste, there is one of umami, a jar of tamarind paste and a jar of umeboshi plum paste and a chipotle paste that she missed, tapenade is in a fresh jar in the cupboard!!! Isn’t this the normal contents of everyone’s fridge?

So pesto and mozzarella versions and tapenade and parmesan versions made, delicious. The rest of us had a much less healthy bacon and egg muffins.

I decided last  night to make curry – with contents of my fridge but alas, no yoghurt.  So inventing on the spot – dry roasted cumin and coriander seeds and ground to a powder, whizzed up 2 onions, 5 garlic cloves and lump of ginger to a paste with some water, cooked this with the spices for 5 mins, added turmeric, chopped green chilli, a little salt, scattering of peppercorns and a cinnamon stick, added 5 chicken breasts chopped and a tin of low fat coconut milk (hate the low fat stuff but trying to be good and didn’t have any yoghurt), put a lid on and chucked it in the oven for a while.  Made my spiced dhal recipe which I love, Madhur Jaffrey’s spiced rice without the chilli and then parathas with white flour and couldn’t find any wholemeal.

Kicked off the cooking with an Aperol to remind me of skiing, lovely, plus John Newman and Bastille playing loudly in the background with some help with the cooking by Husband and 17 year old – delicious meal.

A good foodie day in the Glock household.